Excursions seychelles


Please note that for the excursions and activities it is outsource companies that we are working with 

We definitely can assist you with other excursions/activities in the Seychelles, all the excursions start from Mahé or Eden island

Activities/Excursions are:

> Water Sport Activities

> St Anne Marine Park
> Praslin - La Digue Day Trip

> Day Fishing
> Snorkeling and Barbecue
> Sunset boat Cruise
> Private or group island hoping trips

See itinerary  below for more informations

Activities lists and itineraries

Water Sport Activities

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During the Island tour with us, if you want to do some water sports activities,

We will bring you

Activities below:

Water ski

Weight Board

Banana boat

Jet ski 

Water donut 

Ski lesson

Bay trip

Hobbies kat 

Wind surfing 

Canoe Pedalo 

Belly board

If you are interesting for doing any water sport activities, contact us for price list

St Anne Marine Park Itinerary

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St Anne Marine Park 

-       Pick up at accommodation at 9am-10 am (depending on your location)

-       Take the boat, which is a glass boat.

-       Do fish feeding... 

-       After do some snorkelings

-       Boat ride around round island, long island, near St Anne island and snorkeling near Cerf Island 

-       Entry fees in the Marine Park, snorkeling equipment are included in the price

-       Lunch and drink are included. 

-       BBQ on the beach

-     Visit Moyenne island to see the giant tortoise and walk the island (entry fees included on package)

-       Back at around 4- 4:30pm

-       Drop off to the pickup location


Note: Pickup and drop off in the north and central area of Mahé are included in the price



-       Cash

                          Praslin & La Digue Day Tip Itinerary

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Full package

Price includes:

-       Pickup & drop off

-       Creole buffet lunch in a restaurant included (drinks paid by guest in restaurant)

-       Transfers on Praslin

-       Bikes on La Digue


Pickup time:

-       Depending on your accommodation location



Spend about 3 hours on Praslin and 3 hours on la Digue. 


Boat transfer:

1 hour 15 minutes one-way boat to Praslin


On Praslin 

A bus ride to Valle de Mai (outside only) visit the coco de mer museum, after go to Anse Lazio beach (stay there for 1 hour 30 minutes, you can swim if you want)


Pay by the guest:

-       If you want a club car for the family you can have one but you have to pay SR300.00 extra (you need to pay the driver there yourselves.


Union estate (Anse source d'argent)

-       Entry free €8 per adult (paid by guest) for union estate (Anse source d'argent) on la digue. If you want to visit

-       Children free


Back to Mahe

-       Back on Mahe at around 5:30 pm - 5:45 pm 


-       Cash 

-       Credit card (5% bank commission charge to add)


Pickups & Drop offs

-     Price includes from accommodation in the north and central area of Mahe,

FEES APPLY of other locations

Most important:


-       On La Digue, you need to be back at the jetty by 4 pm to head back to Mahe

Snorkeling and BBQ itinerary

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Pickup up: around 9am

Boat capacity:

1. 5 persons
2. 15 persons
3. 20- 22 persons
4. 10 persons
Boat leaves at Bel ombre jetty
Pickup time: depends on your rip ends
Trip ends around 4pm

Cruise around the west cost to Therese island/conception island, and at port launay marine park

Then cruise to Anse major area

During the cruise there is different spots that you will be doing snorkeling and swimming as well
A lot of snorkeling during this excursion

Provides BBQ and drinks: 

BBQ will be done on a beach (all depends on your location during the day) 
water and soft drinks are included in the price

After lunch, you will be doing more snorkeling/swimming and fish feeding

Then you will head back to Bel Ombre Jetty

Free pickup and drop off:
Free if you are leaving in the North and central area of Mahe
Fees apply for other location

Sunset boat cruise itinerary

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Timing: From 4pm pm to 6:30 pm

Cruise on the north-north west coast of Mahe, 
You will be a bit of snorkelling 
watch sunset at the Baie ternay marine national park

Provides snacks and drinks: 

water and soft drinks

Pickup and drop-off
Free from north and central part of Mahé
Extra fees in other locations